Hernando Umana - Relatable Honesty

By George

Don't get in their way, because Hernando Umana knows who they are and what they want.A video performance of Into the Woods is what started their journey into the world of performing arts. From there, despite growing up in a Columbian and Catholic household, they always knew they were gay and that they were going to be a performer.Since the age of 15, they have been performing in musical theater working their way from the bottom all the way to the Broadway stage in plays such as Kinky Boots and School of Rock.During the national touring production of "School of Rock," Hernando came out yet again. This time they came out as HIV positive. What seemed like a taboo subject matter became a launching pad for their activism in the LGBTQ community, offering insight from a little heard voice. Hernando wrote: "The amount of support I’ve received since I came out with my status has been incredible. To those who are scared to talk about their status... go to my Instagram and see the amount of love coming my way. The world is ready to hear our stories!"Fast forward to early 2019, when Hernando further diversifies their life portfolio after opening their company CBD DOG Health, a CBD pet wellness company that offers a range of CBD oil-infused products for pets.Learn more about Hernando Umana's life journey and discover what they plan to do next in this week's episode of Uncensored Visionary: A LGBTQ Podcast.Follow Hernando on Instagram and Twitter.

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