EP 016 - Medical Gaslighting | Kelly Wilson

Shit We Don't Talk About

Dec 2020

34 min 1 sec

On the sweet 16th episode of Shit We Don’t Talk About, we are welcoming Kelly Wilson, of fitfizzstudio.com and host of the FitFizz podcast; Kelly is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, behavior change specialist, and autoimmune educator who has been in the health and fitness industry for 25 years. So she is more than qualified to talk about today’s pressing issue: medical gaslighting. Simply put, medical gaslighting happens when a doctor dismisses a patient’s concerns, questions, or symptoms. It even occurs when they downplay what you’ve got going on. We’re pretty sure everyone has been affected by this--particularly people who are chronically ill. Gaslighting, in general, might be better referred to as “crazymaking.” People engage in this behavior to get what they want and not address the problem at hand. Also, they are assholes. For full show notes on this episode, go to https://miavoss.live/16 To reach out to Kelly, visit her site: fitfizzstudio.com. - The article mentioned gaslighting - Kelly's Medical Gaslighting Episodes Part 1 -Kelly's Medical Gaslighting Episodes Part 2

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