By BASE2 / John Manoochehri

A Futureperfect Talk on robots and automation in the built design sector, with John Manoochehri (BASE2), Brian Ringley (Boston Dynamics), Daniel Hall (ETH Zürich), Petr Novikov (Apt Buildings). --- Futureperfect Talks are the unfinished stories of spatial technologies & the worlds we make, led by BASE2. Architecture, sustainability, tech collide - so what happens next? Subscribe on Apple or Spotify, and join live Futureperfect Talks on Twitter Spaces @_futureperfect. --- Futureperfect Talks are powered by Last Meter®, the service integration platform by BASE2 and partners. lastmeter.info base2.works --- Season 2 of the Futureperfect Talks are sponsored by Epic Games / Unreal Engine. Explore more here Download Unreal Engine / Twin Motion. --- Recommended follow-up Hypar Canoa Women in BIM Tech News from Around The World Blender BIM xbim

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