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241: Dr. Aviva Romm - The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution • Permission To Pause • Embracing Adaptogens

By Dr. Jesse Chappus & Marni Wasserman

Aviva Romm (IG: @avivaromm) is a Yale-trained MD, a midwife, herbalist, speaker and author dedicated to optimal health for women and children. She's bridged the best of traditional medicine with good science for over three decades. Today we focus on her latest book, The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution*. In this episode, we discuss: Living as if poverty was a step away We're primitively hardwired to recognize danger Thanking your irritating thoughts and fears Growing up in a housing project in NYC Aviva Romm... midwife, herbalist, & MD Going to medical school as a Mom with an alternative way of thinking Most autoimmune conditions are anywhere from 7-9 times higher in women than in men Exposome science Food can switch genes on and off Permission to pause The things we can do for ourselves are so powerful, simple, and within in our hands Treating relaxation like hydrating Adaptogens help us adapt to stress Don't use adaptogens as a substitute for self-care & rest How to incorporate herbs/adaptogens as a beginner Bring some herbs into your kitchen Show sponsors: Thrive Market <== As a new customer you get a free 30-day membership, 25% off your order, and free shipping (US only)* Four Sigmatic <== 10% off all Four Sigmatic products & free shipping over $100 Raw Elements <== 10% off all Raw Elements products - Apply the code TUHP at checkout (free shipping over $100) Sunwarrior <== 10% off all Sunwarrior products & free shipping over $100 Related links: Dr. Aviva Romm - The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution (book)* Dr. Aviva Romm's website Follow Dr. Aviva Romm on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter All of Dr. Aviva Romm's books* Adrena Soothe* Adrena Nourish* Adrena Uplift* Natural MD Radio: Adaptogens & Burnout – A Good Combination? (Aviva's podcast) Adaptogens for Healing Burnout: Which Work Best? (Aviva's blog) Adaptogens: Ancient Medicine for 21st Century Stress (Aviva's blog) 6 Doctor-Proven Natural Tips You Can Use to Prevent Flu…Now (Aviva's blog) Pilar Gerasimo Ashwagandha* Reishi Mushroom <= 10% off Four Sigmatic* Maca* Holy Basil/Tulsi* Dr. Tieraona Low Dog* Dr. Tori Hudson - Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine (book)* Download our BRAND NEW TUHP iOS app (FREE)! Note: Links marked with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links. Making a purchase through these links won't cost you anything but we will receive a small commission. This is an easy, free way of supporting the podcast. Thank you! How can you support our podcast? 1. Apple users, please subscribe and review our show on Apple Podcasts, we make sure to read them all. Android users, be sure to follow our show on Spotify. Subscribers never miss any of the action ;) 2. Tell a friend about The Ultimate Health Podcast. They will surely thank you later. You can use the envelope button below to email a friend or tell them about TUHP in person. 3. Join TUHP Facebook group (FREE). This is where we all stay in touch and ask questions in between episodes. Join our community. 4. Our favourite social media platform is Instagram. Follow our adventures. 5. Share using the buttons below. Thank you!

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