# 6 - Zoom meeting No No’s

By Kathy Archer

Virtual meetings have taken over and some people are so annoyed with them. They are necessary, but we’ve become meetinged out! We are tired of yet another Zoom meeting! Do you want to bring the love back to virtual meetings? Check out the 3 virtual meeting no no’s and the accompanying fixes to bring the joy back into connecting with your team!   You will learn what to do about these 3 no no’s The No No: Use Zoom as a meeting tool - but it can be so much more than that! The fix: The tip is to use Zoom as a multifunction room   The No No: Keeping your video off The fix: Keep your video on for better communication and building relationships.   The No No:Treating the entire time on Zoom as meeting time The fix: Hold space before and after the scheduled meeting for conversation, connection and questions.    There is also a bonus tip at the end of the episode :-) LINKS: ABOUT ME: Hi, I am Leadership Development Coach Kathy Archer. I help women leaders ditch survival mode and enjoy impactful leadership! You do that when you: * Develop your CONFIDENCE * Maintain your COMPOSURE * Lead with INTEGRITY   FIND ME HERE: My Website: kathyarcher.com My book - Mastering Confidence Twitter @kathydarcher Instagram @kathydarcher LinkedIn @kathydarcher Facebook: @kathydarcher YouTube: @kathydarcher Join my community: Confident Women Leaders Community

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