[Episode 120] The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Season 1 RECAP /w Brains Gone Bad & Aim For The Head Podcast


Jan 16

1 hr 38 min

Originally Recorded: 2020/12/18 Edited from the original: 2021/01/14 (see link to original, uncut version, below) Joined by Steve, from Aim For The Head podcast, Lizzie invites us all over to Brains Gone Bad in order to discuss our thoughts on The Walking Dead: World Beyond's 1st season. It was a real treat to exchange our feelings and perspectives and, by the end of it, I think we all got something out of it and we wanted to share that with you! 💠Brains Gone Bad: BrainsGoneBad.libsyn.com; 💠Aim For The Head podcast: AimForTheHeadpodcast.libsyn.com;

For the original, uncut version of this discussion, head on over to Brains Gone Bad: https://brainsgonebad.libsyn.com/talking-the-walking-dead-world-beyond-season-one;

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