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How to Market Your Music Better Than Everyone Else - SMS061

By The Savvy Musician Show

Whether you like it or not, you are always marketing. And you’re either doing a good job or a bad job at it! If you are going to have long term success, you need to learn how to market smart and when you do, your career as a musician will change forever. The Savvy Music Academy (SMA) is the best resource for musicians in the new industry with programs designed to level-up your music into a business and skyrocket your confidence. In this episode, Leah McHenry guides you through the thinking behind the SMA programs, what they cover, and how they differ from other resources out there today. Here, Leah uncovers the pain points of selling music and the common marketing mistakes she sees artists making, time and time again. If you want to learn how the SMA programs will help you discover your music brand identity, learn the secrets to online marketing for music, and create freedom on your own terms – then this is the episode for you!   Key Points From This Episode: Is SMA the most extensive version of music marketing today? The importance of diversifying your platforms to reach audiences. How to keep up with the changes in technology, marketing, and social media. Discover why click funnels don’t play nice with Shopify or Facebook. Why it’s not software that makes things work, it’s sales. Find out what an e-commerce society really expects from you. How SMA programs teach you to sell both physical and digital products. How the SMA programs benefit not only musicians but all creators and entrepreneurs. The basic business principles you can use to boost your income in just a few months. Why YouTube is a beast and best to be avoided when marketing your music. Discover why your email list is the best marketing asset you own. How to propel your sales strategy from Black Friday to the end of the year.   Tweetables: “Musicians are waking up and there’s a demand for knowledge, there’s a demand for leveling up.” — @LEAHthemusic [0:01:25]   “When people think that it’s the tool or the software that’s the magic pill for success, it drives me nuts!” — @LEAHthemusic [0:10:33]   Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Savvy Musician Academy Website —  Savvy Musician Inner Circle — Book A Call — Shopify —    

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