Meet NZ's Smallest Bird - the Rifleman

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Nov 23

19 min 7 sec

This elusive bird weighs only 6 grams (a House Sparrow weighs 40 grams), sings in high pitched notes and flies so quickly that it's so hard to see. Meet the smallest bird of Aotearoa New Zealand - the Rifleman or Titipounamu (in the Māori language) Join on a walk through a dense coastal forest on the Otago Peninsula, as we try to see the elusive Rifleman and hear the story of how these birds are using cosy nest boxes to survive. Ft. Marcia Dale, Shanta McPherson Thanks to the volunteers of the Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group Support the Rifleman Project Make a Donation that will go into buying materials for nest boxes. Feel free to email Marcia Dale, Community Team Leader at You can also help by making nest boxes. Here’s how to build one- Follow the Show Facebook : Instagram : Explore Further: Learn more about the wildlife & wild places featured in this episode- Rifleman or Titipounamu, Kānuka Tree, Otago Peninsula Producer/ Host:

Karthic SS

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