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Episode 144: AJ Wilcox, LinkedIn Ads Expert

By Chris Cooper & Greg Strauch

Episode 144– The LinkedIn Expert – AJ Wilcox I've always been puzzled by LinkedIn.On one hand, all of my ideal clients seem to be on there. LinkedIn is the social media for professionals, where you can identify high earners and find local entrepreneurs. And I think entrepreneurs are great CrossFit clients: they can afford it; they have a more open schedule; and they understand my rates and my hours.On the other hand, LinkedIn doesn't make it easy to advertise to these people. The news feed is a slow trickle, compared to Facebook's torrent of cat pics and presidential memes.  AJ Wilcox has spent over $100M on LinkedIn Ads. His team manages the largest and most sophisticated accounts on LinkedIn worldwide. He says we have two choices: spend a minimum of $5000 per month on LinkedIn, OR spend nothing. In this episode, he shares the best practices for both strategies to get leads from the platform.  AJ Wilcox has been an online marketer since 2007 and managed hundreds of Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns. In 2014 he decided to venture out on his own and started B2Linkedin an effort to spread the success he was experiencing on LinkedIn while advertising to other companies. Today AJ is a certified LinkedIn Ads Partner. Join us today as we dive into how you can apply LinkedIn advertising to your CrossFit gym or business. According to AJ, a solid campaign should following the following steps: A – Audience – You’ve got to be able to target your audience efficientlyM – Message – Figure Out what you want to say to your audienceO – Offer  – What are you going to say to get someone’s attention Checkout AJ’s FREE eight point LinkedIn marketing checklist here: Links:  Timeline:1:30 – Introduction to the LinkedIn Expert AJ Wilcox3:28 – What is the difference between Facebook and LinkedIn Ads?4:37 – Does LinkedIn contain the target audience for your gym?5:33 – Spending over $100 Million Dollars on LinkedIn6:47 – Getting started with LinkedIn Ads9:32 – Why LinkedIn is more expensive than Facebook and other platforms?11:09 – What can you do on LinkedIn with a small budget and just starting out?14:36 – Obtaining new CrossFit clients using LinkedIn16:28 – Small versus large audience targeting on LinkedIn17:19 – Strategies for getting started on LinkedIn18:30 – The biggest mistakes people make on LinkedIn21:49 – How to approach business to consumer on LinkedIn22:58 – Content that performs well on LinkedIn25:21 – Will LinkedIn continue to grow in the future?27:30 – How important is social proof on LinkedIn compared to other platforms29:09 – One big success story from using LinkedIn31:50 – TwoBrain stories with Brain Zimmerman   

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