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Battling Phone Addiction (Breather Episode with Brad)

By Brad Kearns

Check out the they have great articles on assorted topics. An article by Clint Carter offers insights from eight technology leaders about how to best manage our mobile devices to minimize stress and make life more productive and relaxing. Carter makes the convincing argument that we are feeding the tech beast with our obsessive use. We must recognize that companies are working hard to get and keep us addicted. Heed some awesome tips as follows: Get a solid hour of work done before you launch your browser. Quit video games cold turkey if they are messing with your life. Manage your use of email with group project apps and the Gmail snooze function. Take breaks from social media when you feel overwhelmed. Keep your device at a safe distance, both to avoid EMF and also to avoid temptation. Get email off your mobile device so you aren’t constantly compelled to keep up. Consider swapping out social media apps for legit news resources. Schedule down time from phone use, like using airplane mode on weekends and taking photos instead. A great quote from Dr. Peper in the article: “The phone hijacks our evolutionary patterns. We don’t do good with multitasking, so if you’re writing an article, and every five minutes you pop back to answer a message, you’re much less productive in the long term.”

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