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Spidroinology (SPIDERWEBS) with Randy Lewis

By Alie Ward

Invisible but stronger than steel. Complex architectural marvels. Things that stick to your face. Spiderwebs are much more than just Halloween decor or something to feather dust from your corners. Spider silk expert Dr. Randy Lewis of Utah State University not only coined the word "spidroin" for the proteins comprising the many types of silk, but he is considered one of the foremost experts on the wonders of spiderwebs. Alie visits his lab and chats about how spiders weave them, what the silk is made of, the street value of a spool, future applications of spider silk, transgenic experimentation, best spider movies, worst spider myths and why he deserves an ice cream cake. You'll never (not) see a spiderweb the same. A donation went to the Women's Empowerment and Entrepreneurship WorkshopSponsor links:, code OLOGIES; code OLOGIES50;; links up at a patron of Ologies for as little as a buck a month: has hats, shirts, pins, totes and STIIIICKERS!Follow or or editing by Jarrett Sleeper of MindJam Media & Steven Ray MorrisTheme song by Nick Thorburn

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