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The Future of Work with Gabrielle Frieda Loh

By Ling Ling

Technological and social forces are transforming the world of work. How work gets done, who does it, where and even what work looks like are being negotiated across the world over.  The growth of freelancing and the ease of mobility have unleashed the global workforce, freeing it from many traditional bounds and constraints. No longer do teams need to work in the same location or at the same time. No longer are companies constrained to talents in a limited geographical region. Talents globally are open to opportunities beyond their city or country of origin.  The future of work can seem all too exciting, frightening and complex at the same time.  How can we prepare ourselves for the future of work? Joining us is Gabrielle Frieda Loh, the Accounts Director for Jobbatical based in Singapore. She is an ex-military officer who has ventured into the world of entrepreneurship and now technology startups. Highlights from the podcast page can be found here:   *If you enjoy this episode, please like, share or comment on this post. We’d love to hear from you on the topics you’d like us to cover or persons you’d like us to interview.   **Want to create learning culture for your organisation? Drop us a line at 

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