Supply Chain Talks - The Portcast #3

Supply Chain Talks

Jun 18

15 min 37 sec

In the port of Rotterdam the Harbour Master's Division receives reports on approximately 230,000 port calls a year. Until recently, those reports were made by email and telephone. These days, 80% of them are processed automatically because the data are right. Data as such are not that valuable. The value is to be found in the insights the data delivers, and in the application of data to optimise the infrastructure, the transport and the handling of cargo.

Digitalisation makes automation possible and it leads to better decisions based on data. So it is more important than ever to connect the available space, infrastructure, transport and logistics, not just in analogue ways but also digitally. In this Portcast Harbour Master, René de Vries gives us an insight on how the port is preparing for the future: will autonomous sailing be a viable option anytime soon and where does he think the increase in container ship size will end?

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