The Winning Strategy for Rapid Fat Loss With Dr. Brian Mowll

Ask The Health Expert

Nov 6

32 min 31 sec

Have you been struggling with diabetes, poor metabolism, high or low blood sugar, or dieting in general? Did you know that having an even slightly elevated blood sugar may make you 5 times more at risk for dementia? Are you curious about the benefits of intermittent fasting or how important optimized metabolism is for your mental health? Then this is the episode for you! Listen as Dr. Brian Mowll shares his expertise having over 20 years experience helping people optimize their metabolism, control blood sugar, and treat type 2 diabetes. Dr. Mowll explains how the current model for treating diabetes is not only outdated but also may be dangerous. After creating many custom tailored treatment plans for hundreds of clients with amazing success rates, he noticed how important a proper diet was. And it’s not just calorie counting, which is something he sees as a dismal failure. Tune in to learn how to become the fat-burning machine you’ve always wanted to be! Get Dr. Mowll’s FREE Blood Sugar Manifesto

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