Lauren Minicozzi- A Journey To Health

By The En Light N. Podcast with Dr Sarah Jane Chiro

*TRIGGER WARNING-This episode contains talk about suicidal thoughts and an unhealthy relationship with food Also, apologies for some of audio echoing at the beginning of this episode. On this episode I chat with the talented and inspiring Lauren Minicozzi Author & Health Coach)about her unique journey to health. Lauren is a 24-year-old female who has struggled with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, depression, anorexia, PCO’s and as a repercussion is currently battling an undefined chronic illness. We touch on all of these as well as her biggest battle of all- the one she had with herself. Lauren believes that along our journeys something has happened which has led to many females becoming so self-conscious and so fixated on achieving that ‘perfect body’. She says that the perfect body is different for everyone and that we need more self acceptance and less comparison in order to be truely happy. Instagram:@laurenminicozzi

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