Episode 9: Aygül Kabaca & Anna Adeniji

Cullberg Talks

Apr 28

1 hr 10 min

This time artistic director Gabriel Smeets meets Aygül Kacaba and Anna Adeniji, workshop leaders in the field of equality, diversity and anti-racism, to talk about the whiteness of Sweden's cultural institutions, particularly in the performing arts. What are their experiences? Where are the problems and the bottlenecks? What needs to be done, and how?

Aygül Kabaca is a certified teacher and earned her Masters in International Development from Columbia University. She is currently Head of Education and Training at Mångkulturellt Centrum, where she leads the strategic and operational work of the education team. Anna Adeniji defended her dissertation in the subject of gender and culture at Linköping University in 2008. Anna works actively with issues of racism, postcolonialism and representation in the cultural sector. She has been a consultant both at art colleges and at established cultural institutions.

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