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56. Branding Series Part 1 of 4: Determining Your Why

By Nache Snow

Welcome to part one of the Studio 78 Podcast Branding Series! This four-part series will dive in to understanding your why, messaging, and building a website and provide resources, tools, and tips for getting started. Subscribe on APPLE PODCASTS | STITCHER | ANDROID Part one of this series focuses on your why with Robyn from Robyn Young & Co. She is a branding strategist and creative with a strong vision and eye for creativity. In this episode, she defines what a brand is and how to differentiate between establishing a brand and applying branding elements. We dive into questions every business owner should answer about themselves to ensure their business is easily referable to others. ACTION ITEM: At the end of this episode, pull out pen and paper and answer all of the questions she mentions. Please share your thoughts: Leave a note in the comment section below. Share this show on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. Support the show: Please rate me 5 stars on iTunes. Your rating and reviews help other people discover me. Subscribe on iTunes, YouTube, or Stitcher. SHOW NOTES A brand is not just a logo and a website It’s important to determine your focus to ensure your product or service is referable; meaning people know how to describe your business when talking to others Questions she wants her clients to know the answer to: What’s the purpose of the business? Why does it exist? What’s the change that you’re trying to make in the world, industry, or your customers life — in a really compelling way? Is it the process that makes the business different or the product itself? Is that difference important to your customer? What is the deeper reason you want to dedicate your life to this? Why did you select this product or service? Choose one area to excel in first and then you can eventually start selling/providing other services/products As a brand strategist, the elements that Robyn initially focuses on are: Mission statement Value prop Market fit (where are the gaps you’re looking to fill in the market and how can you position yourself differently from your competitors so you’re really sticky?) Who are you talking to? What’s your customer profile? What do we know about them? Possibly use existing brands that you know that they love to build a smart visual brand for yourself that will appeal to your customer base. Core values: what roots you, your morals; as you’re looking for partnerships and employees, ask yourself do these people value the same thing that you value? Vision statements: what’s the change you want to see in the world, industry, or your customers life After research and strategy, you then can create your visual brand Create a brand with purpose Visual elements help communicate your brand LINK LOVE Robyn Young + Co Branding Worksheet or text the word robynyoung to 345345 and following the instructions Robyn Young Website: robynyoung.coInstagram: @robynyoung.coFacebook: @robynyoung.coTwitter: @robyncyoungPinterest: robynyoungco WHERE’S NACHE’ Website: nachesnow.comFacebook: studio78podcastInstagram: @nachesnowYoutube: Nache SnowTwitter: @nachesnowLinkedIn: nachesnowPodcast: Studio 78Pinterest: Tallook The post 56. Branding Series Part 1 of 4: Determining Your Why appeared first on Nache’ Snow - Resources for Creative Entrepreneurs | Studio 78 Podcast | Entrepreneur, Maker + Queen of Side Hustles.

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