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Lvl 18: So Easy Social Media 4 Tackling Twitter for Lazy Twits

By Nate Zerambo

Continuing our series on So Easy Social Media, this week we look at Twitter and how to gain followers and engagement with very little effort and a $0 budget. 1. SETUP: Include a link to your main website Write a brief description and mention the type of content in keywords that you cover/Tweet about. Don’t just be robotic or dull and list facts: add your own personality Include your city/region to attract local users. Upload a profile pic of yourself. People want to see there’s a real person (or human avatar drawing) and not just a faceless brand Upload a header photo with your brand name and logo (you can include a call to action in the bottom right too, like ”subscribe”) Keep your profile PUBLIC. Make it clear that you are an AUTHORITY. You know what you are talking about. You know the information. You share the information (that your niche wants to hear). Don’t be shy. Brag a little. PIN your post with the most engagement (re-tweets, likes, comments) 2. BUILD LISTS. Lists allow you to organize your followers into different categories to make it easier to find the type of content your looking for and the type of people you want to interact with. I recommend at least having the following types of lists: Big influencers: people with a mass amount of followers in your niche News outlets: that cover topics in your niche Active followers: who retweet, reply, and DM you) 3. POSTS Be an INFORMER, not a MEFORMER. Tell people information, don’t be focused on yourself. Tweet a lot, but Don’t “Burst Tweet” by posting a bunch within a short period of time (a couple of minutes). Spread it out over the day. 1-3pm is the ideal time Snip-it! take snippets from your blog ,video script or podcast show notes and post them as tweets. Include a link to the main post. Shorten the URL with or similar. Visualize It Post pictures or SHORT (>30 second) videos. You could re-purpose your content on Twitter from Instagram or Facebook but don’t copy every single post form there You want to BE on the platform that you are posting. Twitter is about the CONVERSATION. Unlike IG or FB, you can post GIFs (short animated clips) Quote It Take quotes from blogs or videos of big influencers and tag them in the post You can also take famous quotes, too and tweet them Vary between text and “Quote-a-Grams” Re-Tweet It go through your lists or search hash tags to find relevant niche content worth re-tweeting. You can make most of your content re-tweets. You can optionally add your own comment to the re-tweet. When someone replies to your tweet, you can retweet their comment. Gain the attention of influencers by re-tweeting their quality content (not every single post). You may attract some of their followers. You can even re-tweet your own OLD content Include Hash Tags but don’t go overboard. 2-3 is fine. You’ll get more engagement using hashtags than without it, but too many comes across as spammy. Use Hashtagify to analyze hashtags and find relevant ones Ask It Ask open ended questions to get people talking “What was your favorite [blank?” “What is the best movie about [niche]?” Create engaging polls Answer It If you receive a DM with a question and your answer could provide value to your entire audience, make it a public tweet and @ them, instead of just replying to the DM. Do Giveaways Give a FREE thing away, but don’t make it too broad (choose book or item relevant to your niche/hobby) Have people re-tweet and follow you for entries Don’t be too Promotional Remember the 80/20 rule. Value, value, sale. Don’t constantly push for people to read your blog or watch your video. Do it, but only after you’ve provided a lot of value. Be Consistent Tweet at least once per day Be Positive Keep the depressive and angry thoughts to yourself. Provide inspiration, movement forward, positivity. Studies have shown that happier tweeters on average have more followers than sad/angry followers. There are exceptions, like if breaking news in your niche causes an emotional reaction to your followers (eg. Fallout 76 sucking, Diablo coming to mobile). Then and only then can you share negative thoughts. 4. GET FOLLOWERS Don’t buy them Usually fake accounts. Not real followers. Only numbers Numbers don’t matter. Engagement does because that leads to sales. Find REAL Followers Look up hash tags relevant to your niche or find influencers Then follower their followers Keep your follow count less than double of your followers. People might think you’re just a spam account if your follower/following proportion is too skewed. Some people unfollow everyone, but that might get your actual followers to unfollow you To find out your unfollowers, you must use a third party app. You can safely follow/unfollow 40 per hour. UnFollow Twitter USers App on Google Play by Soft Dev Team Unfollow 10 at a time, wiith an ad in between each batch. Does not hard stop you from using the app (but Twitter might soft ban you) Mass Unfollowers for Twitter on Google Play by Dominator House Unfollow 20 at a time Hard stops you at 40 per hour INTERACT: Find and Join Chats A chat is a specific hash tag people use to discuss a given topic at a certain time Find a Chat Schedule on Twitter Reports sort these results by hashtag, topic, day and time and other factors. Use a tool like [Tweet Chat] to make the interface more like an actual chat room and easily hop between “rooms” (hash tags) and highlight people Be an active participant. Retweet some of the content too. Live Tweet Tweet during LIVE events in your niche (eg. E3, SuperBowl, etc.) Reply Always reply to your @s Answer your DM questions publicly, if it’s shareable content Retweet Retweet your active followers (people who like and retweet you) SUMMARY: SETUP: personable, yet professional bio, be an authority real you (selfie) profile pic, PUBLIC, pin most engaged original tweet LISTS: Organize followers in lists to make it easier to find content to post/re-tweet about (big influencers, news, and actives) POSTS: take snippets from your own content, add photos or short video (from IG) sometimes, quote famous people & big influencers, re-tweet quality content, ask/answer questions, do giveaways, don’t overpromote, be positive GET FOLLOWERS: follow people liking and commenting on top influencers and posts, unfollow your unfollowers, like most recent posts in your niche INTERACT: join chats, re-tweet actives, and reply publicly, tweet live during BIG events in your nicheLvl18: So Easy Social Media 4 Twitter

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