105: Embracing Life’s Perfect Imperfection

Inner Work with Steli Efti

Oct 15

23 min 47 sec

What you most reject is what holds the greatest potential for growth. Whether it's a feeling you don't want to feel, a person with whom you have a challenging relationship—it's typically what you want to avoid that reveals your deep truths. Which is one of the reasons why I try to embrace life's perfect imperfections and practice doing my inner work. When I wake up feeling down for no good reason at all, and nothing that I do gets me out of that funky state? Not the yoga, not the meditation, not the espresso, not going for a walk, not listening to music, not a conversation with a good friend. Rather than trying to not feel that feeling, or to "get over it", I try to embrace it. Work with it. Listen to what it has to teach me, and try to find my way of flowing in the stream of life.

Shownotes: https://steliefti.com/lifes-perfect-imperfection/

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