049: A mallet fixes most things

By At the Flicks

This week friend of the show Darren joins us as a guest reviewer. He starts in fine style reviewing Spider-Man : Far From Home. Like Darren, Neil and Graham find much to like in this latest outing from the web slinger. As for Jeff, he has another comic book hero rant, until we manage to find his meds and calm him down! Other films reviewed this month include Midsommar, Yesterday, Apollo 11 and Cabin In The Woods. Yes, you read that right, Graham has taken Em's advice and watched this comedy horror flick. Did he like it? Check out the show to find out. Apart from wall to wall reviews, we manage to find a corner for Steve to return to give us the lowdown on what is coming to Cineworld. As well as the film list, Steve gives us a Jaws story which hopefully will not prove to be a little too close for comfort! If you think this all sounds very professional, don't worry, Jeff tries out a new interview technique on us, with unexpected consequences for him. The At The Flicks podcast the perfect tonic for Summer, with only the occasional deluge provided by Jeff. Enjoy

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