What You Need to Know About Fostering a Creative Atmosphere

By Creative Outhouse

In Part 2 of our conversation with Pete Heid, we discuss a positive creative atmosphere and collaboration with younger team members.Transcript:Rudy Fernandez: In part two of my conversation with Pete Heid, he talks about a really cool internal process called collaborative journalism. We talk about stuff like fried chicken, pool floats and how to collaborate with younger team members and to prove it, he brings in a couple of younger team members to help him answer some questions. Welcome to Marketing UpheavalEarcon: You're listening to Marketing Upheaval from Creative Outhouse.Rudy:  So we both acknowledged, you know, production type of first you need to be creative and wait groups or work together. The role of PR agencies, he's ad agencies. When was the point when you sort of dawned on you, oh, Shit's changing.Pete Heid:  Yeah, it's funny you asked that question. But I was at another agency and we were coming up with ideas and I remember the creative director said, I want ideas that um, don't feel like advertising. So we came up with those ideas and then when the client saw them, they just were ready to accept those ideas from a traditional advertising agency. And even though the ideas were sounding, you know, they definitely worked. They just weren't ready to do that. And I don't even know if we really knew how to sell the work. Cause it's like one thing to come up with the idea. It's another thing to tell. Well how do you sell it? How do you get people to talk about it? That's a whole nother thing. And how do you find the right, you know, it's not just finding the right idea, it's, it's almost like telling the right story at the right time and the right channels and the right channels.Pete: So all those things when they come together, it's really cool. In fact, we do something here we call collaborative journalism and it acts just like a, almost like a traditional newsroom, but we have it for different brands. So like one of our clients, they want this kind of work will form this um, sort of group where it's account people and strategy people and creatives and we all get in the room and we just talk about different topics that are related to that field. So if it's in the food industry, there is a topic about food or there's a trend, we'll bring it up. Or if there's something in say, pop culture that's relevant, we'll bring that up and then we'll create things to talk about or stories to tell. We find these stories within the brand and we do that once a week and then we pitch them to the client.Pete: And that's where that proactive thinking comes about. And you'd be surprised how much really good content comes out of these meetings. Billable. Well, I think there's a certain level and the investment that has to happen, but at the other end of it, you do have to get the client to pay for some of that. Sure. So if they're buying into this like collaborative journalism model, they, they, uh, have to offer some level of, uh, of investment themselves. See the rest of the transcript and show notes here: www.creativeouthouse.com/part-2-pete-heid-on-a-creative-atmosphere-and-collaboration-with-younger-team-membersSupport the show (http://www.creativeouthouse.com/our-work)

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