Gain Confidence and Slay Self Doubt

By Melissa Monte | Mindset Mentor

What would your life be like if you never doubted yourself? You just trusted that you have what it takes to go for it. Your dreams, your goals, that promotion, the hottie next door. What if, instead of doubting yourself and holding yourself back, unyielding confidence. So how do we gain confidence? Today’s topic is yet again inspired by your survey responses. So many of you wrote you’re struggling with self-doubt.  Our guest today is Sandra Bartlett, a Confidence Coach and Thought Leader, with over 10,000 coaching hours to support her “Cool Confidence” methodology. She helps her clients speak up, step up and shine in life. We will learn: How to work through self-doubt Why confidence is connected to clarity How to start to create your own motivation Show Notes: #fabfitfunpartner See for privacy information.

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