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EP116: Is Gold a Good or Bad Investment? - with Peter Hug

By Chris Peach

Peter Hug has been in the gold industry for nearly 40 years which makes him an expert in my opinion when it comes to gold. Now to be honest, I am not a fan of gold (yet). In fact, I have never once invested in gold because I have personally never liked gold as an investment. So, why am I willing to learn more about gold now, right? First off - I don’t know much about gold. One of my rules is I do not invest in things I don’t understand. Therefore, investing in gold was never something I was comfortable doing. Secondly, (I thought) gold didn’t have a great track record when compared to the equity markets. From what I do know, the the price of gold has increased by 355% over the past 30 years, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average has increased by 1,255% during that same time frame. But, now I am also learning that over the past 15 years, gold has outperformed the market. In fact, gold has returned 355% over the last 15 years (same as the 30-year return) while the Dow has returned only 58%. After seeing the facts, I decided to ask Peter to come on the show to see if he could convince me gold was a viable option. Here are some of the takeaways from my interview with Peter. Today we discuss: The history of gold Why gold is NOT a strategy for “when the world ends” How gold plays an important role in investing and diversification How much gold should you invest in? The overall track record of gold as an investment When gold is not a good fit Other investments related to gold   All the show notes, links and anything Peter and I mentioned can be found at

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