355. Christine McHugh - From Barista to Boardroom

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Oct 24

51 min 43 sec

Christine McHugh is the author of the newly released From Barista to Boardroom, a memoir of her 27 years at Starbucks where she started as a barista and rose to the level of vice president. Today, she is an executive coach, consultant, and former Fortune 200 leader with hands-on experience, including twenty-seven years at Starbucks. She partners with leaders looking to scale their organizations, bringing a wealth of experience in strategic planning, operations, and culture development. She is president of the board for the Green Apron Alliance, a global nonprofit organization for Starbucks alumni and is on the advisory board for Sanctuary Studios, a tech enabled wellness concept.

Christine lives in Seattle with her husband, Tate, and son, Nick, and dogs Teddy and Juju. Visit her at www.christinemchughconsulting.com and follow along on her book launch at www.frombaristatoboardroom.com. Social media links: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christine-mchugh-executive/ https://www.instagram.com/christine.mchugh.runs/ https://www.instagram.com/christine.mchugh.consulting/

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