Why you should share your knowledge - ep.36

By Jamie Iria

Jamie and Ana tackle the reasons why we should share our knowledge and stop trying to keep everything a secret. They look back at the early days of Creative 7 and how things were different at that time when it comes down to the sharing of information. Things have definitely changed for the better. The willingness to share is growing and that means we can grow faster as a society. Check out the video to listen to what Jamie and Ana have to say about this topic.  Show sponsor: =========== Workplace One - a company offering boutique private offices, co-working spaces, virtual office solutions, and meeting rooms. Amazing spaces in the best neighbourhoods of Toronto & Kitchener-Waterloo. More info: Website: www.workplaceone.com Instagram: https://bit.ly/2GIC0yd Facebook: https://bit.ly/2aUT8xr Follow Jamie/Creative 7 here: ====================== Website: http://creative7inc.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/creative7inc/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/creative7inc/ LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/2wNLZMM Twitter: https://twitter.com/creative7inc Medium: https://medium.com/@creative7inc

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