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Episode 109: Greg Strauch

By Chris Cooper & Greg Strauch

Timeline: 4:24 – Introduction with Greg Strauch 4:54 – Greg’s story on how he started with CrossFit 9:53 – What is it like to operate a CrossFit gym near a military installation 13:06 – How does Greg buffer against the turnover faced with a military clientele 15:46 – Creating a co working space for other entrepreneurs 18:47 – Why is CrossFit so great for entrepreneurs 21:20 – Scaling your workout based upon the circumstance 24:52 – Greg on starting a co working space in his community 27:37 – How important is it to provide mentorship from the point of being in the trenches 31:51 – What about owning a CrossFit gym prepares Greg to mentor other business owners 33:45 – How Greg made it through the Two Brain Mentorship program so fast 40:59 – Why is it beneficial to have a young mentor like Greg join the Two Brain team 46:14 – What is the future for Greg?

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