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Maybe You Don’t Need to Grow Your Audience… Yet

By Tom and Ariana Sylvester

 Prefer just the Audio?  Click here. Episode Brief Description One of the most commonly heard pieces of advice in the online business world is that you need to build a big audience to make a lot of money. In today’s show we chat on why it’s not the size of your audience that counts, but the quality Are you looking to create your ideal lifestyle?  Then we invite you to become a #lifestylebuilder. Find out more here. Key Insights & Timestamps [00:14] – Welcome [03:05] – Ask yourself what problem is it that you’re solving for your customer  [05:18] – Smaller numbers are actually better in the beginning. 50 potential customers are much better than 1000’s of unknowns  [06:50] – Prove your offer before you have a giant audience  [07:50] – Grow your audience with what actually targets them. Go where your customer is. This can be in person on online, but hang out where they are, and get your message in front of them [10:46] – Targeting your customer. Be sure you spend your time attracting people who will actually buy from you  [16:38] – Don’t get caught up in the numbers  [18:30] – Action Items  Your Homework Ariana’s Homework Go find your 10 biggest fans and find a way to thank them and appreciate them  Tom’s Homework Try to figure out who is your ideal client, and go a little deeper to really find out what they need Tom’s Bookshelf Getting Things Done Get This Book Audible – Get Your First Audiobook Free! Amazon – Get The Physical or Kindle Version Resources Mentioned Show 51 – Understanding Your Customer Plan With Purpose: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle Lifestyle Builders Mentorship Key Insights Don’t get too caught up in your audience numbers or followers  Create a stronger product offering by testing your approach and sales on a small group of selected customers  Connect with potential customers by meeting them where they are  Free Guides Lifestyle Plan With Purpose Find Your Financial Freedom How to Hire a Coach Free Guides For You The post Maybe You Don’t Need to Grow Your Audience… Yet appeared first on Tom & Ariana Sylvester.

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