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#59 | That Thing You Do (feat. The Contrarians)

By Harry Chappell & John Lucas

A sweet retro comedy about the rise and fall of fictional 60s pop band The Wonders, That Thing You Do! has virtually no stakes and gets by on the sheer good-natured charm of everyone involved, not least that of writer-director Tom Hanks. But can we sit through the 148 minute extended cut without succumbing to a severe case of toothache?  In this month’s Patreon special, friend of the show Julio Olivera of The Contrarians podcast joins us to discuss Tom Everett-Scott’s spooky resemblance to Tom Hanks, the low-energy charm of Liv Tyler and why La La Land may in fact be a spiritual sequel to this movie… Released in 1996, That Thing You Do! was modestly successful at the box office, but spawned a successful soundtrack and quickly became a cult classic. In addition to Scott, Hanks and Tyler, the movie was an early showcase for then-rising stars including Steve Zahn, Charlize Theron and Giovanni Ribisi.  In addition to com [...]

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