Rising Through The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with Taylor Thompson

Women RAWC

Jul 21

40 min 45 sec

Stories are powerful. They can light the path for other women struggling in business, which creates empowerment and encouragement for those walking in the dark.

On this week’s episode, Nancy talks to international speaker, trainer, coach, and founder of the SHENetwork, Taylor Thompson, who has created a place where successful women support each other, all by learning through each individual journey. Taylor reminds us not to take the gifts God has given us for granted, and that oftentimes, they’re a great solution to someone else’s problem. Tune in to find out why it’s so important to pour into other women so that we can build relationships, find our voice in the business world and not lose sight of who we were created to be! In this episode, you will learn: Why stories are so powerful to share with others. () The way Taylor likes to create a platform for women to believe in themselves by collaborating and not competing. () How to take your thoughts captive and change the screen of life for yourself. () -

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