What you give and what you get

By Now Teach

We all know the key ingredients to a long and healthy life: good genes, good luck, healthy food, regular exercise. And according to many studies, a sense of purpose should be high up that list too. But over a 100-year life span, how do we make sure our sense of purpose doesn’t run out?Broadcaster and author Jenni Murray digs into this critical question, exploring how our motivations change as we get older, and why a second career that makes a difference could give us all a new spring in our step.To discuss what you give and what you get from a second career, Jenni is joined by social entrepreneur Marc Freedman, professor of gerontology Dr Martin Hyde, and Anne-Marie Lawlor, a former civil servant responsible for government policy on career guidance, who retrained as a foreign language teacher to renew her own sense of purpose. Now I'm Grown Up is hosted by Jenni Murray, produced by Antonia Cundy and Theodora Louloudis, and brought to you by Now Teach. The credits for this episode were read by Livvie Podbur.To find out more about Now Teach, visit www.nowteach.org.uk.

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