Tash & Marthe

By Maria Passingham

Season 2 kicks off with Tash and Marthe, two solo travellers in Bali spending almost every second together at an intimate surf retreat. As Tash navigates an inevitable break-up with a girlfriend back home, Marthe drops oh-so-subtle hints that she too, likes women. A series of starlit dinners and scootering adventures later, and they are firmly a couple. But Marthe lives in Holland, and Tash in England, and just as they find stability, COVID-19 turns the world upside-down.Each episode of Equal Parts is immortalised as art, with artists and illustrators working from the audio alone to create an impression. Zaina Mayat is behind this debut piece for Season 2, and what a joyful image it is: www.equalpartspodcast.co.uk/artworkFollow Tash & Marthe:IG: @_breakingthedistanceYT: Breaking the Distancewww.breakingthedistance.comAnd find their podcast: Breaking the Distance on Apple and SpotifyFollow Zaina Mayat: IG: @zaina.mayathttps://zainamayat.com/Become a Patron to support the show: https://www.patreon.com/mariapassinghamFind a transcript for this episode: https://www.equalpartspodcast.co.uk/transcriptsLearn more or get in touch: www.equalpartspodcast.co.uk@mariapassingham#EqualPartsPodcast See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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