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Computer World

By Christopher Butler

There are very few people left on Earth for whom the world isn't shaped by computers or seen through their screens. But does it have to be this way? In this episode, we'll explore how screens — and the images they reveal — are just as much a manifestation of the world from which they come as they are the raw materials of a story about the next one: the future...LinksThe IBM Portable PC 5155Blade Runner - Opening SceneHuman Progress Landscape, the not-so-good student animation I made in 2003, but for which I still retain some fondnessThe machine I used to make it: the Sony VAIO Digital StudioJony Ive's magical voice for Apple marketingyou may have noticed some sound from the Tron Lightbike SceneThe Matrix "What is Real?" scenekeen listeners and sci-fi aficionados will have noticed sounds from the Nostromo boot sequence in Alienyou may have also noticed some sound from The Lawnmower Man's disconnecting sceneWhat Technology Wants, by Kevin KellyThe last clip you heard came from WarGames - The WOPR introduction sceneMusicWith the exception of a brief sample from a live performance of Kraftwerk in 1978, all music used in this episode was independently produced and shared with Design Tomorrow for non-commercial use by Able Parris of kamuter.Stratosfear, by kamuterDiscovery, by kamuterthe robots (live), by KraftwerkFrequency, by kamuterTerraform, by kamuterInterrogation, by kamuterSome of My Favorite Independent MediaRobin Sloan is a writer and self-styled media inventor who constantly inspires me by independently producing short stories and "odd-shaped internet projects." His latest workspace is called Year of the Meteor, where he's writing a regular newsletter and producing some interesting zine-like media. Robin and his partner Kathryn Tomajan also independently produce California extra virgin olive oil under the label: Fat GoldDesert Oracle is a pocket-sized field guide (and radio show) to the fascinating American deserts: strange tales, singing sand dunes, sagebrush trails, artists and aliens, authors and oddballs, ghost towns and modern legends, musicians and mystics, scorpions and saguaros! Independently produced by Ken Layne.Mysterious Universe is my favorite podcast about the weird, the strange, the paranormal, and the metaphysical independently produced for over a decade in Sydney, Australia. You can support them by listening and becoming a member of their Plus Club.Logic Magazine is a print magazine about technology that publishes three times per year and maintains an intentionally small digital footprint. Hurry Slowly is a podcast about how you can be more productive, creative, and resilient through the simple act of slowing down. Aquarium Drunkard is an eclectic audio journal focused on daily reviews, interviews, features, podcasts and sessions.CreditsDesign Tomorrow is produced by Chris Butler at the Tomorrow office in Durham, NC. You can follow the show on Twitter @dsgntmrrw. You can visit the show's website at, and you can email me at chris @ for listening, and remember, what we do and think today can create a better tomorrow.

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