Aug 2019

7 min 10 sec

The term "noise control" is fairly self-explanatory, it simply means reducing or mitigating unwanted sound. "Unwanted sound" is the definition of noise. If you want to control, or mitigate, noise you need to look at one or more of three things: #1) the source of noise, that is, the machine or process causing the noise, #2) the receiver or receiver location of noise, that is, where the noise is a problem or potential problem, which could be a neighboring homeowner, or a property line location, etc. The third thing you want to consider is the path between the source and the receiver. So for noise control, think source-path-receiver, source-path-receiver, in that order. It's always best to control the noise at the source if you can, because the less noise that's generated in the first place, the less you have to control.

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