Sustainable Practices with Grain Surfboards' Mike LaVecchia

By Morey Creative Studios

If you’ve ever hit a point in your life where you wonder what it’s all for and dream of throwing it all away to fulfill your passions, our guest today has probably already done it. Mike LaVecchia, founder of Grain Surfboards, is like a living, breathing X-Games character. Skateboarding, Biking, snowboarding—before everyone did it—sailing and surfing. If you’ve ever sat on your couch watching someone else rip it, shred it, jump it, sail it, Mike’s probably already done it.  But it was Mike’s love for the sea and his experience sailing from Maine to the Caribbean that sparked what would become an incredible career as a craftsman. He began working on boatbuilding as a young man then decided to apply his building skills to one of his greatest loves—surfing.  Moving back to Maine full-time, Mike and a couple of friends set about building classic surfboards that were completely new to an entire generation of surfers, an environmentally conscious generation with an appreciation for sustainability. As the industry grew over the years, Mike and company realized that the boards themselves had moved far from where they started and that the materials used in constructing boards were actually having a negative impact on the environment.  Today Grain Surfboards is an iconic member of the surfing community and their boards are sought after by surfing enthusiasts from around the world. Success hasn’t stopped Mike and his crew from innovating and finding creative partnerships and collaborations that introduce the simple majesty of wood surfboards to the next generation of surfers.  We’ll break it all down in our conversation with Mike LaVecchia as we get a lesson in surf culture, how his boards are hand-crafted with love and delve into yet another inspiring story of beneficial entrepreneurship on Grow For Good. -- Show Notes: Grain Surfboards If you enjoyed this podcast, please subscribe, share with your friends and rate and review on Apple Podcasts and Podchaser. If you have any questions or suggestions for future guests, send an email to Find Morey Creative Studios on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Subscribe to our blog here. See for privacy information.

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