#5 Transforming Trauma through Emotional Detoxing with Dr. Celina Pina Shemo

By Lucy Coutinho

Dr. Celina is founder and CEO of Venilia Gardens Inc. /Cultural Counseling Services, Incorporated in 1994 as a 501 C 3. VGI/CCS was formed to provide children and their families with a therapeutic milieu to address mental health issues. Dr. Celina is recognized for her distinguished clinical abilities in providing diagnostic assessment and treatment in the area of trauma related issues and other mental health conditions. It is her clinical belief that, “Our negative life exposures, which can also be seen as our teachers for future successes, have caused an imbalance in our emotional growth, which attacks our physical health and the ability to progress into Oneness. We are born with innate gifts that are consumed by these exposures and then they are placed on hold. It is important that we eliminate these toxins to receive the gifts that God planned for us. Once we are cleansed of these toxins we can then embrace our innate passions, take the strengths from those negative life exposures and journey into “A Symphony in the Key of Oneness.” This is the key that creates our new life melody.” Dr. Celina believes that without pain it is difficult to activate our passions and achieve our purpose. In August, 2017 Dr. Celina published, “Five Keys to Emotional Oneness; The Emotional Detox System” a book and workbook created for emotional healing; and to provide those who are intoxicated with emotional discomforts with a vehicle for telling their story. This system is cognitively based, using creative modalities and healing processes for the elimination of past emotional imbalances and tragedies, while creating a platform for coping and managing new emotional entries. The workbook is a guided journey into the’ 5 Key System” of healing emotional imbalances. As you begin you journey, Dr. Celina is available for private consultations. `Dr. Celina, has written several clinical curriculums and is currently working on her next book, “Strands of Silk” which is evaluating the making of oppositional behaviors. She has hosted and been a guest of several television and radio talk shows; she has been a keynote speaker and continues to provide trainings, workshops and speaking engagements to varying audiences. ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/lucy499/message

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