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Live Call In Show – Ep 51 : Caitlin Plesher of the Skytalkers podcast & your calls

By Planet Broadcasting

Caitlin Plesher of the Skytalkers podcast joins us to discuss… - Steele and Caitlin speak to each other for the first time - Floating rocks on Ahch-To - The great new Lucasfilm video featuring the Story Group - Luke’s lightsaber color on Crait - Steele sizzles the Blu-Ray release - Caitlin offers up her projections on how Rebels will wrap up - Caitlin tells the origins of the Skytalkers podcast - Questions the fans care about vs questions the characters care about - Steele confirms the accuracy of Anakin’s infamous geological quip - Swara Salih from the Beltway Banthas podcast calls to discuss respectful communication with the rest of the community - Espionage conversations in Washington DC - Steele shouts out his dream Twitter interview - Francoise Danoy calls from Osaka to fill us in on Japanese SW merch and celebratory jumping from bridges - Suggestions for other great female-led Star Wars podcasts - A cinematic shot rumored to be in the Solo film - Emily Lind from the Canto Bight Dispatch calls to talk about how the inevitable Solo trailer will sell the movie to others - What kind of movie is Solo?   PLUS, IN THE SIXTY MINUTE SUPPORTER BONUS SECTION   - King Tom from Ohio wonders how well Solo will perform at the box office - Ron Howard’s product and other directors we’d like to see helm a Star Wars film - Thoughts on the Rian Johnson trilogy - The adventures of being a podcasting rookie - Rebecca Edwards from Perth offers her prediction for the title of Episode IX - Some fun marketing suggestions for Episode X and Solo - Charlotte Errity from the Skytalkers podcast calls in to talk about expectations for 2018 - Will the end of Rebels leave any loose ends? - The adaptability of a Twi’lek to the climate on Hoth - Charlotte expresses her pride in her partner’s amazing foresight - Robbo from New Jersey thinks the uproar over The Last Jedi is fun - A callback to one of the most amazing moments in Steele Wars history! - The misogynist aspect to the Last Jedi backlash And much more!   Follow Steele Wars on Twitter & Instagram  Follow Caitlin: @caitlinplesher and @skytalkerspod  Show prep Eric Strothers : @ericstrothers / @bad_motivators  Show notes Dom Legaspi : @domlegaspi STEELE WARS LIVE New York : 20th Januaray, Saturday 3:30 - Union House Join The Daily Show's Ronny Chieng & Marvel's Heather Antos for a hilarious look into their Star Wars fandom. TICKETS & HERE   SUPPORT STEELE WARS ON PATREON! Enjoy all our bonus shows and full back catalogue direct to the podcast player or app of your choice while ensuring the continuing production of the Steele Wars Star Wars podcast. Bonus content shows include Making Steele Wars, Steele Wars Live Movie Commentaries, Live Call In Bonus Show, Patreon Q&A Show, full length insert free versions of all Steele Wars episodes and Gonk & Steele's Trash Compactor (when Gonk isn't so busy).     LISTEN LIVE AND PARTICPATE IN THE STEELE WARS CALL I N SHOW STREAMLIVE CALL IN (646) 668-8360 USA SKYPE IN +1 (646) 668-8360 WORLDWIDE     YOU CAN HELP Steele Wars a sweet 5 star review on iTunes or plug the show on Facebook or Twitter.  I really appreciate it.      Purchasing through iTunes or Amazon? PLEASE USE THESE LINKS iTunes Amazon GET A FREE STAR WARS AUDIO BOOK & HELP SUPPORT THE SHOW!FOR A FREE 1 MONTH AUDIBLE TRIAL AND A FREE AUDIBLE BOOK CLICK Get an audiobook of your choice, free, with a 30-day trial. Cancel before your trial ends and you will not be charged.     Listen to Steele's award winning comedy podcast: I Love Green Guide     Part of The Planet Broadcasting Podcast Network and The Making Star Wars Podcast Network. For podcast advertising enquires contact Claire on     Follow the Follow Steele: cover photoshopping by Reid theme music by Paul 

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