Alison Wyatt - Build Your Ecosystem

By Bill Wise, Chris Cunningham

In the eighth episode of Superpowers, Bill and Chris bring on Alison Wyatt, an angel investor who supports and advises female entrepreneurs. Alison’s superpower is her ability to create a strong ecosystem of women leaders while managing the responsibilities of motherhood. Before becoming an angel investor, Alison led several companies in the media industry from their shaky beginnings to established enterprises. As the head of revenue at Refinery 29, Alison created value out of the company’s vast network. She told Bill and Chris, “The most important thing I learned… was how important people are. And what it takes to be a leader.” After building Refinery 29 to a 300-person company, Alison was ready to build again. She told the hosts, “There’s an incredible power in if you stick to something and build it yourself.” In 2014, she started working at Gwyneth Paltrow’s company, Goop, as Chief Revenue Officer. She elevated Goop from a weekly newsletter to a prolific lifestyle brand. Alison started investing after Goop. Her angel investing philosophy was centered around supporting women re-entering their careers. “When I became a mom, I was like oh, for women, it’s basically impossible for you to go back into a corporate environment.” She told Bill and Chris. She helped co-found Girlboss, a summit and network that helped young women who were just starting their careers. Alison told the hosts, “I got really passionate about my investment career and specifically, working with female founders.” She met with the creators of the Female Founder Collective and brought insights. “Female founders actually need a place to share resources and there’s so little funding that goes towards them, let’s build a platform that’s almost like a VC.” Today, Alison continues to be a magnet in a network of strong and powerful entrepreneurs that she’s helped create and fund.

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