DT 097: Support in the Struggle with Gianna Purcell and Carolina Villalba

By Henry Winslow, Yoga Student and Teacher

Gianna Purcell (@giannayoga) and Carolina Villalba (@caro_lokah) are the co-owners of Original Hot Yoga 305 (@originalhotyoga305) in Miami and co-founders of Queer Retreats LLC (@queerretreat). In the hopes of inspiring interest and providing access to holistic wellness within the LGBTQ+ community, Gianna and Carolina offer queer-inclusive retreats centered around fun, food, and yoga, as well as education for allies committed to opening their spaces to a broader range of humans. Gianna and Carolina are working hard to make the practice of yoga accessible, safe, and vital to every type of person. Together, Gianna and Carolina hope to breed true acceptance of self and others in all that they offer.   In this episode, you’ll hear from Gianna and Carolina on:  [9.30] Their shared mission to support and empower the LBGTQ+ community by making yoga more inclusive and accessible to marginalized groups. They want everyone to feel free to be fully themselves, to fulfil their potential and to participate in their classes without fear of judgement or alienation.   [14.08] Growing through discomfort. Carolina considers the psychological benefits of a challenging and sometimes uncomfortable yoga practice and reflects on how her own experience of learning to cope with challenging situations has led to increased self-awareness, authenticity and personal growth.   [25.43] Queer retreats. Gianna and Carolina reveal details of their carefully curated and fun-filled new yoga retreat which is specially designed to cater for LBGTQ+ people and their friends, family and allies.    [38.54] Their advice for creating a safe and non-judgemental space for LBGTQ+ students. Gianna recommends giving people the option to identify as non-binary and cautions against using gender specific language or making assumptions about someone’s gender or sexuality.       [47.55] Supporting social justice. Carolina and Gianna acknowledge the issues of disparity and discrimination facing LBGTQ+ folks and praise the work of their friend and fellow activist Leucas Miller who created Yoga Unbound, a non-profit organization that offers scholarships and donation classes to the trans and POC communities.     Announcements:  Visit henryyoga.com to learn how to level up your yoga practice in just 40 days.  Follow @henryyoga.app on Instagram  Check out http://yogaeastaustin.com/rocket50hr/ to learn more about David Kyle’s Rocket Yoga 50hr Practice Intensive Visit https://henrywins.com/events/ to view all my upcoming workshops   Links from this episode:  Gianna’s previous appearance on Episode 5 of Dharma Talk Carolina’s previous appearance on Episode 37 of Dharma Talk David Kyle’s interview on Episode 61 of Dharma Talk Visit www.yogaunbound.org to learn more about their mission to promote health and wellbeing within the LGBTQ+ and POC communities Follow @bhamyogaunbound on Instagram Looking for your next book to read? Check out the list of every book recommended on Dharma Talk   Get in touch with Gianna and Carolina: Follow @giannayoga & @caro_lokah on Instagram Visit www.originalhotyoga305.com and follow @originalhotyoga305 on Instagram Visit www.queerretreats.com and follow @queerretreat on Instagram Check out www.giannayoga.com   Support the Podcast: If you find this podcast valuable you can support it directly by visiting: henrywins.com/donate   Credits: Music by Momentology (@momentologymusic) Production and audio engineering by Ease of Mind

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