Karma Koala Podcast - Brought To You By Cannabis Law Report Episode 32

Karma Koala Podcast

Aug 2

1 hr 29 min

This week 3 more deep dive conversations with Heather. She speaks with Erica Halverson, Founder, Tiny e Paper about hemp packaging, working in the industry as a woman, sustainability and much much more. Next we have a conversation withGergő Dargó of RotaChrom on Clean technology and extraction techniques. Last, but by no means least, Heather speaks with Colton Griffin, CEO Flourish Software on Cannabis Testing Labs and the state of play in the industry in 2021. And of course, music. ...This week we have South Africa's latest house music sensation Moonchild Sanelly, a blast from the past from Leonard Cohen. From Hobart Tasmania singer songwriter Julian Teakle

and finally Minnesota picker extraordinaire, Charlie Parr and something off his latest album released on the Smithsonian Folkways label.

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