S2 03: VISITATIONS - Rachel Aggs Pt.1

By Lost Map

RACHEL AGGS is an exceptionally prolific virtuoso of euphoric post-punk queercore music, achieving international acclaim with her collaborative projects Trash Kit, Shopping and Sacred Paws; galvanising the DIY scene in London, and her current home of Glasgow in the process. No mean feat!We’ve been fans of Rachel’s music for years, and were thrilled when she said she was up for taking part in our VISITATIONS residency series. She’s been over to Eigg a bunch of times before, performing at our Howlin’ Fling! Festival with Trash Kit and Sacred Paws, but this was her first solo trip - and, indeed, the VISITATIONS record she has made is her first solo album.In this episode of the podcast, we sent Rachel a list of questions, and she recorded answers from her home studio, in June 2020. She talks about her first forays into music, her influences, the birth of her three main collaborative projects, her move from London to Glasgow, and reflects upon the importance of visibility in the DIY/indie scene. It’s a great interview - if you’re new to Rachel's music, this podcast is a good introduction!If you’d like to support this podcast, and listen to the music that has been created by Rachel, you can do so by signing up to VISITATIONS. Go to www.lostmap.com/visitations for details on our vinyl and digital subscriptions.This series of VISITATIONS was conducted in St Franny’s Bothan. If you’d like to check out the space, and maybe book a trip to the island yourself, check out www.stfrannys.com.You can find Rachel Aggs on Twitter: www.twitter.com/aggsrachelLost Map Podcast is written, produced and presented by Pictish Trail. Additional production and editing by Joe Cormack.

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