The Secret Weapon of Scaling: Brand Storytelling [Episode 32]

By Chandler Perog

Josh doesn’t think about investing as a numbers game. For him, it’s like surfing. In this episode, Josh shares how to catch the wave of a trend and spot companies that could transform an industry by changing the narrative of a stigmatized product. Key Links: Josh Campbell LinkedIn Saje natural wellness SPARK Business Growth Partners His approach to impact investing is holistic… and all about alignment. We ask: What is your personal mission of what you want to create in the world? Can you share with us a little bit of background on how you got here? How do you change the narrative on products that are stigmatized? What are the pros and cons of getting into the product market? What is your relationship to fundraising vs. bootstrapping? What are the top lessons you've learned? What are the next ventures your interested in? What is one piece of advice you'd leave with them? “Look at your time as the most valuable asset you have. You really want to spend it doing things that can be a global impact rather than just to make a buck or two.” Listen in for ideas on how to leverage your brand story to scale strategically, and how to invest in companies that represent the next era in their industry. More details: ——- This episode was hosted by our Creative Director, Katy Ward. Chandler Perog was the interviewer and is our Executive Director. Production and distribution by Simpler Media Productions. For insight into how business and cutting edge technology are changing the world, visit us at

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