Mac Macartney - Speaker, Writer and Change-Maker

By Olivier Mythodrama Leadership Lab

In this episode, we speak to Mac Macartney, international writer and speaker, seeking 'to inspire courageous action for a just, peaceful, and sustainable world'. Mac talks about his experience within the corporate world and how he brings his own brand of truth to the boardroom. Robin and Mac discuss what type of leadership is needed to break borders into a new way of thinking, even if this transition looks scary. What leaders must do to define themselves and their purpose and how to be brave enough to act into their understanding of what’s right and wrong. Mac discusses what’s missing from education and how societal norms are serving to dull the life-changing experiences that people often need to switch their story from doing bits one the edge, to being immersed in improving their way of working and living. Mac highlights the three questions that people must ask themselves, before embarking on a quest for authentic leadership. It would be great if you were able to rate and comment on the podcast, as all this interaction helps get the word out. All podcasts so far, are accompanied by a video hosted on the Olivier Mythodrama YouTube channel ( If there is anything or anyone you would like to see on the podcast or you just want to say hi, please please email  

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