DT 098: Jump in the Circle with Francisco Morales-Bermudez

By Henry Winslow, Yoga Student and Teacher

Francisco Morales-Bermudez (@francisco.mba) is the founder of Synergy Yoga (@synergy.yoga). After an athletic childhood that culminated in a wrestling scholarship to university, Francisco broke his spine at 18 and then turned his focus to healing modalities. He and a small team of roommates developed a new style of partner movement that would come to be known as Acro Yoga. Now, he resides in Perú where he brings groups on retreats centered around yoga, nature, and Native American philosophy. He loves getting upside down and leads Thai Massage certifications to assist people to remove pain from their bodies. Francisco travels the world sharing yoga, leading Thai Massage programs, and running Synergy Yoga with a talented team of nine facilitators who specialize in a diverse range of healing modalities.   In this episode, you’ll hear from Francisco on:  [13.55] His yoga journey. He shares how he first became aware of the healing power of yoga when he saw how it helped his mother to recover from an illness. He went on to develop a regular practice and recognized the ability of the asanas and the breath to release physical and emotional trauma.   [26.23] The healing touch. Francisco’s desire to relieve pain inspired him to study Thai yoga massage. He respects the ancient origins of the practice and passes on the traditional techniques to his students, encouraging them to carry out the therapeutic massage in a meditative mood of loving kindness and compassion.    [34.06] Pachamama, the Earth Goddess of the Andes. Francisco celebrates the Peruvian people’s deep respect for the earth and their heartfelt connection to nature. He discusses the work of YogaMar, the non-profit environmental organization he co-founded to help protect the oceans and explains how he promotes the use of drama in schools as a way of preserving the stories and traditions of the indigenous culture.     [47.37] His Peruvian retreats. Francisco’s company offers magical cultural retreats to his native country. He combines yoga practice with workshops in traditional arts and provides expertly guided visits to The Sacred Valley of the Incas, Rainbow Mountain and the mythic Machu Picchu.   [50.05] His unique yoga style. Francisco is the founder of Synergy Yoga, a concept which he developed from AcroYoga, but which focuses more on the therapeutic elements of partner stretching to make space in the body and liberate it from pain.    Announcements:  Visit henryyoga.com to learn how to level up your yoga practice in just 40 days.  Follow @henryyoga.app on Instagram  Check out http://yogaeastaustin.com/rocket50hr/ to learn more about David Kyle’s Rocket Yoga 50hr Practice Intensive Visit https://henrywins.com/events/ to view all my upcoming workshops Check out www.warriorbridge.com/teachertraining to learn more about their upcoming teacher trainings    Links from this episode:  David Kyle’s appearance on  Episode 61 of Dharma Talk Saltwater Buddha: A Surfer's Quest to Find Zen on the Sea by Jaimal Yogis - Grab a copy of Francisco’s recommended book Looking for your next book to read? Check out the list of every book recommended on Dharma Talk   Get in touch with Francisco: Follow on @francisco.mba and @synergy.yoga Instagram Visit www.synergy.yoga   Support the Podcast: If you find this podcast valuable you can support it directly by visiting: henrywins.com/donate   Credits: Music by Momentology (@momentologymusic) Production and audio engineering by Ease of Mind

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