Parasites, Pathogenic Bacteria, MCAS and Mold

Dr. Ruscio Radio

Feb 2020

53 min 17 sec

What are the best testing methods and treatments for parasitic and gram-negative bacterial Infections in the GI? Dr. Anne Hill shares some of her go-to lab tests and we have a healthy debate about the absolute need for lab testing in general. In terms of treatment, we agree that addressing the gut first with diet, probiotics, and potentially antimicrobials are the best place to start. Dr. Hill also talks to us about MCAS and mold issues that she sees regularly in her clinic. One key takeaway is that you can and should test your home environment if you suspect mold. While this may sound like a rigorous and expensive endeavor it doesn’t have to be. My book Healthy Gut, Healthy You is available at Looking for more? Check out

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