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S2:E2 You Can't Get It Wrong!

By Jeff Montanya

Season 2 Episode 2You Can’t Get It WrongGuest: Tom CornerOn today’s episode author, speaker and visionary leader, Tom Corner talks with Jeff Montanya about his book “Borrowed Eyes and Feet, Finding Enlightenment Through Rage”.  Tom and Jeff talk about the power of putting our past where it belongs, and that’s in the past.  Tom explains that our past is a good thing, but it can also be awful if we don’t use it for good.  In the beginning of the podcast the two discuss the process of creating an art piece, which turns out to be a good metaphor for the stages of evolution in our lives. Later Tom explains that if you’re doing everything that you’re supposed to then you can’t get it wrong. Jeff and Tom exchange stories about dealing with anger, frustration and learning to let our haunted pasts and tribulations not derail our future by infecting our internal self-talk.  If we don’t let our past dictate our future, we can open a life of motivation and inspiration.Tom is very candid and down to earth.  Tom opens his heart, mind, gets very personal, and vulnerable by sharing his story about his trouble with self-mutilation.  Often telling kids that asked him about the scars that this self-mutilation left behind was a result of being attacked by a tiger. This leads to a conversation about the fear, that we as adults instill into our children that can potentially be counterproductive to feeding their ambition to fulfill their dreams.  He shares a story with the audience of his daughter questioning if he was ever a kid or not.  This is a good reminder for us all that just because we are older doesn’t mean that we should expect our children to know the same things that we know. Or even feel the same way that we feel because of our own experiences in life. Tom says that world would be a better place if we would all speak our truths and not just our minds.  Tom likens the mind to a “mosh pit”.  This is a great analogy for all the negative self-talk that we tell ourselves every day.  If we could just simply take 15 seconds of our day to give ourselves affirmations, we can eventually counter act the negative feelings that so many of us have about ourselves and harness our inner peace and purpose.This is an inspiring and interesting listening. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.  Toms Contact Informationwww.tomcorner.netLinked In: 

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