Jameson Lopp | Guns, Germs, and Bitcoin

By Michael Haley + Carolyn Reckhow

Jameson Lopp is a professional cypherpunk, outspoken privacy and self-sovereignty advocate, and CTO of Casa.In our first episode, we delve into ACAB, the police, offensive and defensive technologies, life extension, cryogenics, Bitcoin, resilience-first systems, and life beyond the State.Below are the links we promised you during out show ✌️.++Casa - https://keys.casa/Full text of ‘The Sovereign individual’ - https://www.lopp.net/pdf/The%20Sovereign%20Individual.pdfJameson’s ‘Reflections Upon a SWATting’ - https://blog.lopp.net/reflections-upon-a-swatting/For more info on the Black Panthers and the Second Amendment - https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2011/09/the-secret-history-of-guns/308608/Jameson’s article ‘What are the Key Properties of Bitcoin’  - https://nakamoto.com/what-are-the-key-properties-of-bitcoin/ ‘Crypto-enabled Immortality’ (2018 talk) - https://youtu.be/V73oztTWNno Alcor Life Extension Foundation - https://alcor.org/

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