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December 16: Fire

By We Wonder

1 Kings 18:21-39Today’s symbol is fire. When Israel turned away from God and worshipped other gods, Elijah the prophet called them back. God sent fire down on Elijah’s sacrifice, to show Israel that he heard Elijah’s prayers and wanted to hear their prayers, too. I wonder if I can imagine being in the crowd, watching the priests of Baal call out to their god? I wonder how the people felt, knowing that their king was on Baal’s side? I wonder what it was like, to see Elijah alone standing against them? Can I imagine how I would have felt?I wonder why Elijah poured water all over his sacrifice? I wonder if I can imagine seeing the fire come down from the sky and burn up Elijah’s altar? What would I have done if I were there?I wonder how God’s people felt when they realized that God, not Baal, was near and waiting for their prayers? I wonder if they were afraid? Sorry? Ready to turn around and follow when they remembered who God is, and what God had done?We may forget about God, but God never forgets us. God is always near, and waits patiently for us to remember and return. I wonder how I can remember that God is close to me today? God, you listen for the prayers of your people. You want us to call on your name and you hear us when we cry out. Hear us now, O Lord, and come quickly to save us.In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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