#92 - Making money equal with Andrea Fernandez

By Oliver Aust & Lena Carlson

Women make up 50% of the global population. Yet they don’t own half the wealth. Of course, there’s no such thing as ‘male money’ and ‘female money’. So why is this inequality present? It’s this question that fintech entrepreneur Andrea Fernandez is concerned with. She’s the founder of Alice, an app at the ‘intersection of consumer fintech and femtech’. In this episode of Speak Like a CEO, Oliver and Lena talk to Andrea about changing women’s lives by inspiring financial confidence and awareness. They cover: ●      How to change mindsets around money ●      Why financial education should start early, and at home ●      Communicating complex concepts in an easy to understand way ●      The challenges posed by business communications in multilingual markets   Tune into the episode now. ------------------------------------- Build your personal brand and boost your business in 30-days by getting UNIGNORABLE, Olivers new book including 4 free-bonuses for the special price of 4,99€ today: https://www.oliveraust.com/unignorable

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