Mentoring through Music: How Play for Progress is Changing the Lives of Refugees

By Qualified Tutor

Welcome to The Qualified Tutor PodcastWe're continuing the rich stream of music in education in recent episodes, giving educators from many fields the inspiration of hearing how powerful music can be in liberating students' intellectual creativity and giving them a voice. We were lucky enough to be joined by two of the incredible team at Play for Progress, a wonderful charity supporting socially-isolated refugee students and minors. Anna MacDonald, Head of Relationships, and Simon Roth, Senior Music Tutor and percussion expert, took us through a profound explanation of what working to improve a child's confidence through music truly means.Working with the most deprived and traumatised children is not an easy task, Simon and Anna admitted this honestly, and the organisation's success is testament to the commitment, vision and expertise of the whole team. As with many guests we get the chance to speak to on the show, the hard work pays off through the rewarding experience of seeing students understand a point or work to inspire one another. In another heartwarming conversation, we feel grateful that we are spreading this inspiring message to as wide an audience as possible.Catch Play for Progress' #liveatfive Facebook stream with the organisation's Allies in Art (artistic and musical contributors and professionals), as well as their Friday evening kids' classes.If you would like to gain greater exposure into what tutoring really means and if you'd like to level up your ability, earning power and expertise as a tutor, enrol now at and sign up for the Qualified Tutor Course. Over 8 hours of workshop-style sessions with industry experts, you'll set yourself apart in a crowded space.We can't wait to see you there.The QT Podcast exists for those tutors about to take the plunge into the profession, for those that already have but want to strengthen their practice or simply for those in education who love hearing about what others are doing and what tips they can take from it. We are all constantly learning and there is no better place right now to hear about the developments in e-learning and education through tutoring than The QT Podcast.A big shoutout must also go to Radio Fido (, a space for independent podcasters to meet others in the community and share their own ideas and productions - the perfect forum for podcasts like The Qualified Tutor Podcast to grow.🥇 The website:🎙 The Facebook page:💻 The LinkedIn page:📱 The Twitter page:🎥 The YouTube channel:📷 The Instagram page:🎧 And thank you as ever to Luke Tierney for the wonderful

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