New Zealand with @SheDot.Travels

By Luke Richardson

A few years ago Saz embarked on an around the world trip which led her to spend over a year in the destination we’re talking about today – New Zealand. About as far as you can possibly get from the UK without a rocket – Elon if you’re listening I’ll have you on the next episode – New Zealand has long been an destination on my bucket list. It’s combination of the great outdoors, English language, and the easy-going nature of the locals, makes it sound like a great place to get lost for a few months. Saz took that one step further, though. In this conversation she reveals how pulling out the rear seats of a second-hand car provided them with affordable accommodation for two months, and how it’s a great place to work if you need to top up your travel budget half way around. The podcast is sponsored by Bookitlist If you’re looking for unique travel adventures both near and far, make your first port of call. While you’re there, if you like the sound of anything you see, you can add it to your online book-it-list to take advantage of great discounts when you book. Have you got a story to share? Have you planned the trip of a lifetime and want to tell me about it? Connect with Saz Read my book, Koh Tao, for free Leo’s looking for the perfect place to propose to the love of his life. When they arrive in the Thai tropical paradise of Koh Tao, he thinks he’s found it. But before he gets an answer, she’s nowhere to be seen.

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